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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Great is Allaah, the Sovereign Lord.

Great is Allaah, the Sovereign Lord,
He is One and Only, there is no other god.

Indeed it is of His Mercy that he Made us all,
Great are His Bounties of Which He Blessed us all.

He made us from nothing, then gave us life,
For a brief time we are here, to toil and strive.

Things around us are of His Sign,
Of them greatest is Qur’an, the Divine.

Revealed in Arabic, it stands the test of time,
Unaltered Words of Allaah, a Speech Sublime.

He Promised Jannah to Believers who do good deeds,
Full of Blessings, a place of Eternal Bliss.

With rivers flowing beneath, and delicious cuisine,
In it are Bounties, which no human eye has seen.

For the heedless, there is nothing but pain and suffering,
Made of Fire, Hell - an evil place it is to be in.

To Reveal His Message, He chose men from among us,
Time and again he sent Prophets and Messengers.

Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم) was the last of them all,
If you follow not him, you are sure to fall.

He was sent for all worlds as a Mercy,
The greatest man, ever in history!

He taught us how a Servant should be,
Believing in Allaah, striving for piety.

Allaah Gave us sound mind and health,
He Gave us Islam, real treasure and wealth.

From our cradle to grave, we have His Grace,
Strive for Jannah and hope to See His Face.

To Him Belong Most Beautiful Names,
To please Him alone should be our aim.

He Gave us Shariah, which has no flaws,
Should we not then Thank Him and abide by His Laws?

He is the Supreme, the Irresistible,
Over all things He has Power and He is Able.

He is the Master of all, He is our Creator,
All what we have, is nothing but His Favour!

Should we not then, Believe in and worship Our Lord?
The One and Only, besides Whom there is no other god!


Faisal said...

wow... great poem... MashaAllah..

Farhan Kazi said...

JazaakAllaah khayr.

Farhan Kazi said...

JazaakAllaah khayr.

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