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Thursday, June 2, 2011

A review of the book - "Don't Be Sad"

Book: Don’t be Sad (La Tahazan)

Author: Shaykh ‘Aaidh ibn ‘Abdullah al-Qarni

‘Don’t Be Sad’, the title had caught my attention straight away when I first learnt about this book and without much delay I managed to grab my copy and truly it was worth it!

‘Don’t Be Sad’ is undoubtedly one of the most positive, motivating, encouraging and one of the best books to be written in modern times. It also stands out, given the scarcity of literature on this and related topics. ‘Don’t Be Sad’ gives solace to the reader as the author quotes relevantly from the Noble Qur’an, Ahadith of the Prophet, Sayings and incidents from the life of the Salaf and Islamic scholars, along with the sayings of Muslim and non-Muslim thinkers and philosophers, both from the east and from the west, in a very captivating way.

Touching a wide variety of topics in lucid language and expressions, and discussing them in a way that would make you think, reflect and contemplate and help you appreciate the Niyamah and Blessings of Allaah, this book emphasizes on not to despair from the Mercy of our Lord. By quoting relevant examples and with the convincing choice of words, the author has produced a marvelous work. A rather unique approach and mesmerizing content makes it worth reading. It is a well-organized blend of quotes and thoughts which makes you think and helps you refresh from your grief, sadness, sorrow, distress, anxiety or boredom by helping you to turn to Allaah, inshaAllaah.

‘Don’t Be Sad’ is apt for both Muslims and non-Muslims with a distressed mind, as the author discusses topics like being thankful and patient, hardships and ease, pain and happiness, sufferings and pre-ordainment, repelling anxiety, sickness of jealousy, Allaah’s Mercy, grief and blessings and many more; and most importantly all these in conjunction with Tawheed and Sunnah with the view of getting closer to Allaah, especially in times when Satan can easily fool an individual and cause him to slip!

‘Don’t Be Sad’ is a must have and a must must read book for all. I might just give it a full-on and would strongly recommend this book! Even if you are not distressed or sad, it would still serve as a very good friend and companion, inshaAllaah! So do avail yourself with this book, you will enjoy reading it inshaAllaah!

To end with the words of the author himself, “... this book is not written for a specific group of people; rather, it is for anyone who wants to live a happy life.”

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