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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Senseless day in Mumbai...

Tere 'amaal se hai tera pareshaan hona,
warna mushkil nahi muskhil ka aasaan hona.
Poore aalam pe ho hukumat teri aye muslim,
Agar tu samjh jaye apna musalman hona!

It is because of your own deeds that you are in misery,
Else it is not difficult for difficulties to get easy.
You can be the king of all places O Muslim,
If only you understand, what it is to be a Muslim!

How apt are these lines to our condition today? The way the gathering at Mumbai's Azad Maidan turned violent today, while protesting the oppression of Muslims in Assam and Burma, these lines suit just perfectly to the situation of this Ummah today! 

There were high emotions among a section of the people over the past few days with news of Burma and Assam all over Facebook but "not in the main stream Indian media". A protest was called for against the media in Mumbai, with no declaration as to who organised it, and a huge gathering turned up. The gathering turned violent and set ablaze media and police vehicles and damaged transport buses and other vehicles. Two died and more than were 20 injured. Instead of solving one issue, another was created.

It was really disheartening to see all what happened. Now, how correct are such protests, however peaceful they are aimed to be? Are they actually really needed? Do they serve any purpose? What good will a protest here do to Muslims being oppressed elsewhere? Who are responsible for those who died and are injured in this?

What has been happening in Burma, Assam, Syria and elsewhere is surely very sad and painful. May Allaah rectify the affair of our brothers and sisters there and everywhere. But, we need to be sure that we do not go with our emotions and end up doing more harm than any good. We can make dua for them. Especially, in these last ten days of the Blessed month of Ramadhaan. We all feel for them, but unless we take account of our own deeds and actions the situation of our people is not going to change.

The plight of muslims from some troubled areas are used by certain element of people, who then sensationalize it and then cash-on on people's emotions for their motives. This not only leaves them with the feeling of helplessness and hopelessness, but also endangers their eemaan. Be sure O Muslims, you should not feel helpless and hopeless as long as you believe and trust Allaah. 

As Muslims we need to be careful about our actions. We need to take into account a larger picture. We need to set straight our own conduct and affairs. We need to educate ourselves about our Deen. Such thoughtless actions do nothing but increase our problems and bring further shame and embarrassment. These actions or protests will do no good to the Muslims around the world.

Instead of such things, pray.. pray.. pray for them and stick to Qur'an and Sunnah lest such trials and tribulations befall us.. May Allaah guide us and save us from such trials and conditions and help our brothers and sisters oppressed wherever they are.. aameen.

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