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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Readying for Ramadhaan


Hopefully you must have read Countdown to Ramadhaan

Now in this post let us collect as much good material, related to Ramadhaan, as possible inshaAllaah; so that it serves as a resource for all of us to help learn and prepare ourselves for Ramadhaan and make the most of it.

I will be updating this post frequently, so keep a check and share it inshaAllaah. Do share some good material in the comment(s) section, if you have.

If you come across any broken link, please do inform inshaAllaah. JazaakAllaah khayr.

May Allaah make this fruitful and help us attain maximum benefit from the Blessed month.. aameen. 

- Chapters on Fasting from books of Ahadith

www.islamqa.com (English, Urdu, Hindi, French, Spanish, Indonesian and others)
- www.alifta.net (English, French)
You may search for keywords like Ramadan, Fasting, Taraweeh, I'tikaaf, Laylat-ul-Qadr, Eid and so on, to get respective rulings from the above sites

The Nature of Fasting - Shaykh ul Islam ibn Taymiyyah

Ruling on celebrating the middle of Shabaan - Shaykh Salih al-Munajjid

Matters Related to Fasting - Shaykh Salih al-Munajjid

Zakat al-Fitr - Shaykh Salih al-Munajjid

Fiqh of Fasting - Dr Bilal Philips

30 Lessons for those who Fast - Shaykh Aaidh al-Qarni

Ramadan - A Reminder of Unity - Shaykh al-Albani

Sunnahs Neglected in Ramadhan - Shaykh al-Albani

The Night Prayer in Ramadhan - Shaykh al-Albani

When is the Night of al-Qadr? - Shaykh al-Albani and Shaykh ibn Uthaymeen

Concerning 'Itikaaf - Shaykh al-Albani

- The Likeness of Ramadan and Prophet Yusuf - ibn al-Jawzi

15 Sha'baan ki Haqeeqat (Reality of 15th Sha'baan (Urdu)) - Abu Zaid Zameer

Ramadhaan ke Fazaayl (Virtues of Ramadhaan (Urdu)) - Abu Zaid Zameer

Rozay ke Fawaayd (Benefits of Fasting (Urdu)) - Abu Zaid Zameer

Hilal (Chaand) aur Niyyat ke Masaail (Rulings on Sighting of moon and intention (Urdu)) - Abu Zaid Zameer

Sahri aur Iftaar ke Masaail (Rulings of Suhoor and Iftaar (Urdu)) - Abu Zaid Zameer

Roza kis par Farz hai (For whom is Fasting compulsory (Urdu)) - Abu Zaid Zameer

Rozay mein Jaaiz Cheezen aur Roza Todnewali cheezen (Things permitted while fasting and things which break a fast (Urdu)) - Abu Zaid Zameer

Ramadhaan kaisey Guzaaren (How to spend Ramadhaan (Urdu)) - Abu Zaid Zameer

Rozedaaron ke liye Hidayaat (Guidance for those who fast (Urdu)) - Abu Zaid Zameer

Taraweeh ki Rak'aat Ek Tahqeeq (A Study of Rak'aat of Taraweeh (Urdu)) - Abu Zaid Zameer

- Ramadhaan kaisey guzaaren (How to spend Ramadhaan (Urdu)) Part 1 | Part 2 - Zaid Patel

- Welcoming Ramadhan - Assim al-Hakeem

- Ramadan Fiqh Issues Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 - Salem al-Aamry

- Sincerity & Devotion in Ramadan - Muhammad al-Jibaly

- Ramadhaan mein kamyaab kaun? (Who are the successful ones in Ramadhaan (Urdu)) - Tauseef ur Rehmaan

- Ramadhaan (or Fasting) - A Way of Life Part 1 | Part 2 - Dr Bilal Philips

- Fiqh of Fasting
- Ramadan Reflections
Completely Free courses at Islamic Online University - Dr Bilal Philips


Dawood Ali Hashmat said...

MashaAllah! very good collection.

Farhan Kazi said...

jazaakAllaah khayr Dawood bhai :)

share it inshaAllaah..!

sahil nazimudeen said...

 Good compilation ..mashaAllah

Farhan Kazi said...

alhamdulillaah :)

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