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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wake up O Muslims!

Abusing Islam – Calling us terrorists, violent and intolerant – Invading our lands – Drawing cartoons – Banning burqas and niqabs – Stopping our scholars – Burning the Qur’an – Opposing our Masjids and criticizing our Centers…
Till when will you keep quite and prefer slumber? Wake up O Muslims!

The outrageous plots:
The spate of hate just seems to be getting uglier by the day. The army of those who do not like Islam is getting stronger and bolder, which is reflected by the onslaught of provocative activities carried out by them off-late against Islam.

In recent years, we saw so much of open criticism and abuse of Islam and Muslims; especially after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. After this date Muslims around the world are defined as standard brand of what a terrorist is. Virtually every Muslim is portrayed as a potential suicide bomber. The attacks resulted in the invasion of Afghanistan, followed by Iraq where innumerable innocent lives have been completely destroyed in view of “war on terror”.
A Danish cartoonist by the name Kurt Westergaard, drew cartoons to abuse our Beloved Prophet (may peace and blessings of Allaah be on him) which were first printed on September 30, 2005 in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten and were reprinted many times in different newspapers in over 50, mostly Western, countries. On September 8, 2010 in Potsdam, Germany he was awarded the M100 Media Prize 2010 by German Chancellor Angela Merkel for what the committee described as "courage" to defend democratic values despite threats of violence and death. These acts were defended in the name of Freedom of Expression. Similarly, Salman Rushide, author of the book “The Satanic Verses”, was hailed and conferred the Knighthood title by UK. So also Tasleema Nasreen (writer of the book “Lajja”) found support by many who hate Islam.
In July 2010, France's lower house of parliament overwhelmingly approved a ban on Niqab in public places, what it calls as part of a determined effort to define and protect French values. Other European countries consider following the suit.
Switzerland has banned construction of minarets, whereas Netherlands is considering banning the Qur’an.
In June, 2010, the UK government barred entry of famous scholars and orators of Islam, Dr Bilal Philips (Canada), Dr Zakir Naik (India) and Areeb Islam (South Africa). Canada followed soon to cancel the visa of Dr Zakir Naik and deny him entry there as well.
The most recent outrage against Islam is seen in USA, after controversies over the proposed Masjid and Islamic Center near Ground Zero, the place where the twin towers stood. Terry D. Jones, a pastor of a tiny church in Gainesville, Florida, who is also the author of a book titled “Islam is of the devil”; had announced plans to burn copies of Qur’an on 11th September 2010 which he calledInternational Burn a Koran Day’. Jones said he wants to "expose Islam" as a "violent and oppressive religion". Ultimately the event was cancelled but three incidents of burning of Qur’an were reported in US on the ninth anniversary of the ghastly terror attacks.

Time to ponder:
The point of mentioning and reminding all these is to ask ourselves, O Muslims, as individuals and importantly as an Ummah, where has the Izzah of this Ummah gone? Where have we lost our glory? Why are we facing all these? What is wrong? Why are people getting so uneasy with Islam? Why is it getting so easy for anyone to defame Islam openly? How should we respond? What is the solution?

It's not new:
Of course, it’s not new. We have had villains in every age and time. Previous Prophets and their people also did confront such opposition and criticisms. Even at the time of our Beloved Prophet there were such people and forces. But there are vast differences in, then and today. When we analyze the situation at the time of Prophets and what we (as a whole) are in now, we can easily make out one very important difference. The Prophets and their people were harassed because they were closer to God’s Word and firm in His obedience, but today this Ummah is facing the humiliation and harassment and suffering worldwide, because we are not closer and are getting away from the Qur’an and Sunnah!
Problems were faced even by the Sahabahs, but though being small in number they overcame their enemies. No wonder they had the best of Eemaan, and were firm on Qur’an and Sunnah and that is why they found Help of Allaah. Can anyone forget how Allaah helped them by sending the army of angels to aid them against the enemies in the battlefield? Today we are billions in number, comprising of almost one-fourth of globe’s population yet a small church of not more than 50 members and an unknown and least popular Pastor shook the entire Muslim world.

Excuse no-good:
We have an easy excuse for our sorry state and that is to blame the media and politicians. No doubt, negative portrayal of Islam and Muslims on the main stream media has done us much harm; but we have yet many serious issues to address. Our intra-faith situation is pathetic, unfortunately. We need to come together and defend our Deen leaving aside our problems. A classic example of disunity was seen when Dr Zakir Naik was barred from entering UK. A group of Muslims congratulated and thanked the UK government for their decision and demanded the Indian government to do the same. Why disclose our problems to others? Why let everyone know that we are not united and that we have differences? Especially to these people, who are the masters and teachers of the philosophy “Divide and Rule”. Had it not been better for these Muslim brothers to keep silent over the issue even if they disagree with Dr Zakir Naik?
SubhanAllaah! O Muslims, till when will this carry on? When will we leave our ignorance aside and stand up to our duty? Till when will we differ? Why can’t we answer them properly, in the best of ways as taught by Islam? Why do we lag behind when it comes to defending our faith and refuting the false allegations on Islam?

No to rumours:
Another important thing worth mentioning here is that it is normally seen that some Muslims after any such incident easily fall prey to the sickness and ultimately a part of rumours. Beware of that! Speaking of something without certain knowledge is detested in Islam. Investigate thoroughly any piece of information that you receive and be careful of what you forward and spread. Rumours are prohibited in Islam, so don’t be a part of them.

The Solution:
Once someone gave me a very beautiful analogy, which actually is the solution to our problems. When someone encounters a hurdle or barrier or obstruction in his way, he goes back a few steps, starts from there, gains momentum and jumps over the hurdle to proceed and progress further. Similarly, O Muslims, we are facing so very many hurdles and barriers and obstructions today, we also need to go back - we need to go back fourteen hundred years - start from there, gain momentum and jump. InshaAllaah, we will surely succeed and progress. Untill and unless we do not return to Qur’an and Sunnah, we will continue to face these problems. Our minds today have been befogged by the worldly life and varying cultures. We strive for excellence in the life of this world, try to gain knowledge of this world but are shy when it comes to Islam. As such there is nothing wrong in excelling in the worldly affairs as long as it is not against the tenets of Islam, but we should strive to strike a balance between this world and the Next, because as Muslims our ultimate goal is the Hereafter, Pleasure of Allaah, entering Paradise and saving ourselves from Hell. Unfortunately, today we feel proud of adopting the un-Islamic cultures and fashions, but feel inferior in practicing the Sunnah and these days are even scared and afraid to call ourselves Muslims. 'Umar bin Khattab (may Allaah be pleased with him) once said, 'We were the most humiliated people on earth and Allaah gave us honour through Islam. If we ever seek honour through anything else, Allaah will humiliate us again'. SubhanAllaah! Do ponder over these words. Allaah raised the best of peoples in the history of mankind in the form of the Companions of the Prophet, at a time when they were not even counted. Their pre-Islamic conditions are known to us. No wonder those days are referred to as “Days of Ignorance”. But Allaah elevated them through Islam and praised them by addressing them as the “best of people to ever evolve for mankind” [al-Qur’an (3:110)]. If Allaah can rectify their conditions through Islam, then surely He will Help us also, provided we stick to al-Kitaab and Sunnah!

God Helps those who helps themselves:
We are informed:
Verily never will Allaah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves. But when Allaah wills a people's punishment, there can be no turning it back, nor will they find, besides Him, any to protect.”
[al-Qur’an (13:11)]
Allaah, the Most High, tells us that the condition of people will be changed only when they themselves earnestly strive to rectify the conditions. We need to ask ourselves, “are we trying to improve our conditions?” If no, then how can we expect the Help of Allaah?
Allaah also informs us:
Allaah has promised those of you who believe and do good deeds that He will certainly make them (His) vicegerents in the land, as He made those before them, and will certainly establish for them their religion which He has chosen for them, and will certainly give them peace in place of fear in which they were before; (provided that) they worship Me, ascribing no partner to Me.
[al-Qur’an (24:55)]
Again Allaah promises success and victory to the believers, but there are few conditions applied, which are: Belief backed with good deeds; worshipping only Allaah and not associating partners with Him and ofcourse as pointed in the previous verse, striving to get the Help of Allaah which is also supported by the verse:
And those who strive for Us - We will surely guide them to Our ways. And indeed, Allaah is with the doers of good.”
[al-Qur’an (29:69)]

Knowledge is the cure:
It is compulsory for every Muslim to gain knowledge of Islam. Emphasized in many places, the importance of knowledge can be fully understood by the fact that the very first word to be revealed to the Noble Prophet was ‘Iqra’ that is ‘Read’! It is the only way by which we can kill the disease of ignorance. We should atleast strive to get the basic knowledge of our Deen. But, alas, we today are away from the beauty of seeking knowledge.
We Muslims today unfortunately are even unaware of the True and Correct Concept of our Lord. Today unfortunately we see Muslims, knowingly and unknowingly, indulged in acts of Shirk and Kufr. How then can we expect glory of this Nation? We need to educate ourselves about these important and basic things, atleast.

Key points:
  • Anger and hate of Islam is increasing
  • Stick to Qur’an and Sunnah
  • Act wisely when provoked, never resort to any means of violence
  • Stand up to our duties
  • Strive to be united and let not Shaytaan divide us
  • Learn and educate one-and-all about the true teachings of Islam
  • Understand the need of unbiased media
  • Realize the obligation of Da’wah and propagation
  • Work individually or in Jamaah
  • If you can’t, then atleast support those who are doing the job
  • Learn how to answer and respond
  • Be careful of rumours
  • Allaah will Help us, when we strive in His way
  • Supplicate to Allaah to rectify our conditions and situation
  • Have patience and never loose hope in Allaah

Last Words:
O Muslims, it is our duty to learn Islam and propagate it and educate others about it. It is out duty to answer the critics in the best possible ways. Never resort to any violent act, it is against the tenets of Islam! It is our duty to refute the allegations laid on Islam. If not individually, then in Jamaah. If we can’t propagate directly, then atleast support those involved in carrying out the noble mission. Support those who are involved in the field of Da’wah either physically or financially or in whatever way you can. Least you can do is not to pull them down!
It’s high time we wake up to our duties or else the humiliation may carry even on the Day of Judgment!
May Allaah Help us learn, practice and propagate His Deen and cause us to be united under the flag of Islam and restore the fading Izzah of this Ummah.. Aameen..


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