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Friday, September 14, 2012

May Blessings and Peace be upon him!

It was fourteen centuries ago,
When the world was in sorrow,
Came my Prophet, my hero!
Let me tell you about him, if you don’t know...

He came to complete the chain of Messengers,
From Adam to Jesus, all were his predecessors.
His name is Muhammad, the one who is praised,
With Prophethood, he was elevated and raised.

He came to a nation that was hostile,
He taught them gentleness and to smile.
He continues to inspire millions still,
His mention is honoured & that is Allaah’s Will

Throughout his life, he was a fountain of mercy,
Everyone acknowledged he was honest and trustworthy.
His life was simple and his message was clear,
There is Only One God, he being His Messenger!

Every detail of his life is well preserved,
We try to imitate him, as is deserved.
His is the best example to be followed,
With best of morals was he bestowed.

What is with those who try to break his sanctity?
It is nothing but their foolishness and insanity!
His honour comes from heavens, your efforts are futile,
Your mischief will only bring to you an end which is awful!

His persona is dignified, his character sublime,
There has never been one like him since the beginning of time.
To safeguard his honour, we are even willing to die!
So insult him not and detest from such crime.

O companion of Satan, who wish to insult my Prophet,
Vain is your plan and waste is your attempt!
O you wicked one, driven by your desire,
For you is disgrace in this life and in next one fire!

He was noble, kind, compassionate and gracious,
For mankind his exemplary life will always remain precious.
The one who lived a selfless life,
How do they then abuse him rife?

O Allaah help us defend the honour of your Prophet,
Guide us O Lord, lest we are lost.
Raise your Messenger to highest elevation,
May Blessings and Peace be upon him!


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