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Friday, March 9, 2012

O my eyes..

O my eyes, the amazing Blessing of Allaah to me
With you, Allaah's beautiful Creations I see

Without you my life would be dark and gloomy
How difficult and hard would that be 

O amazing niyamah, O my eyes
Take my words and follow the advise

Lower yourselves, let haya be reflected
Restrict yourselves from seeing the prohibited

Stay awake at night for ibadah voluntary
Weep in fear of Allaah asking for His Mercy

Help me read the Book of Allaah, the Noble Qur'an
Seek Knowledge of His Deen and increase my Eemaan

Remember, you’ll be the last to leave when the Angels visit
The day when our accounts would be ceased

You’ll be made to speak on the Judgment Day 
You still have time to straighten your way

What will you say to your Lord that day?
Will it be "O Lord, from evil we kept away!"?

Or will you say, you went astray
And leave me in dismay?

O my eyes, be careful of what you see
And help make my way to Jannah, easy! 

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