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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Peace will soon come

Sufferings spread all around,
Pain of each and every wound,
Emotions and the crying sound,

Injustice so commonly found,
Greed of dollar, dinar and pound,
Lust for land, which knows no bound,

Racist-rush, and war of crown,
Distinction of white, black and brown,
Love of power, and morals down,

In this unholy atmosphere that we live today,
Lack of compassion, and cruelty on display,
And the enemies of Allaah spread in array,

Every brother whose blood is shed,
Every sister who is when scared,
Be sure we have not forgotten you yet!

We pray that you be safe and secure,
Stick to Tawheed and be sincere,
Mercy of Allaah will then be on you for sure,

To my brothers and sisters everywhere,
A humble request, please do not despair,
Have Sabr and turn to Allaah in prayer,

It is just a matter of time,
The oppressors will be punished for their crime,
For Allaah is Ever Watching, Just and Sublime,

He has not forsaken you,
He Knows your sufferings, more than you,
Have faith in Him, and inshaAllaah Peace will soon come to you


Anonymous said...

masha'allah nd insha'allah

Anonymous said...

Brilliant words... Inshallah peace prevails

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