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Sunday, May 1, 2011

‘Ethic’al Hacking

Pre-Islamic Arabs were well known for their immodest and immoral etiquettes. The desert of Arabia was then, in the darkness of evil. Adultery, gambling, alcoholism, ill-treatment and degradation of women, obscenity and various other inhuman practices were quite common. Moral and social values were missing. It was Islam that rectified the affairs by giving mankind proper code of ethics. Islam instilled in the people proper morals and etiquettes. Islam did away with all social evils and society destroyers.

Today we are been taken back into the pre-Islamic era. Today, our morals are being corrupted, values being hijacked and ethics being hacked through various forms of media. Before we move further, keep in mind that ‘media’ is any source of communication and may not necessarily refer particularly to a news agency, channel or paper as generally understood.

India has been a leader in producing for both television and movie industry for quite some time now. Indian channels and Bollywood movies are very popular, around the world. Indian TV daily soaps and Bollywood movies have become integral parts of millions around the world, unfortunately including many many Muslims. If we anaylse, we will realize that these promote nothing but Shirk and Aqeedah of Kufr, immodesty and immorality. They are damaging our Eemaan. They do nothing but hack our Ethics, behind the colourful screens and under the garb of glamorous presentation. They hypnotize our sense of understanding and reasoning and make us believe what they want to promote in a sugar-coated approach. They preach and promote unIslamic and anti-Islamic things and cause great Fitan among the Muslim Ummah.

Almost all daily soaps on any Indian channels promote Shirk and Kufr by promoting the pagan beliefs and idol worshipping. Various different deities are praised and shown being worshipped in various different ways in various different shows and beliefs like such-and-such thing happened or can happen by the ‘blessings’ of so-and-so. For those who see these shows may well realize what I am talking about. One can judge for himself/herself the amount of Shirk and Kufr being promoted via these shows.

Conspiring, backbiting, gossiping, breaking of kinship and family etc are all being made to appear normal. Non-Muslim festivals are promoted and Muslims are made to feel one with them. Today, unfortunately, many Muslims know many details about their festivals and the background of it but may not know the concept of Tawheed and Shirk. Further, they would have a rare ‘Muslim’ character wearing a big amulet or doing other acts of Shirk, hence presenting a wrong image of Islam.

Not only the TV shows, but also movies - be they from Hollywood or Bollywood; we find Shirk and Kufr being promoted. Even through songs. They may use phrases of direct Kufr or indirect praising of others to the extent of Shirk. Further, you may see that mostly the villains are portrayed as Muslims, giving out message that Muslims the worst of all people. Movies have played a huge role in making a mind-set of people that ‘all terrorists are Muslims’. Nudity, vulgarity, obscenity is an essential part of their business.

Another trend that is a hit these days is that of ‘reality shows’ and ‘talent hunts’. A huge number of people acknowledge that these ‘reality’ shows are nothing but scripted drama, promoting obscenity and vulgarism. Talent hunt is another money-making business which is hacking our ethics. Ideas which would corrupt the society are being promoted via these shows. We have ‘comedy shows’ promoting making fun of others or lying or obscene and immoral ‘jokes’; beauty contests promoting display of skin, singing and dancing competitions promoting music and dance et al.

Even advertisements are not complete without female display of skin be it a car, shaving cream or cement. Further you are made to believe that you would look ‘beautiful’ by using a certain fairness cream or that by using a certain shaving cream you will have girls around you or having a certain car is a luxury symbol or having a certain drink is the trend of the moment. This is nothing but a cobweb of consumerism.

News channels are not to be left behind. News channels in the sub-continent are less of news and more of entertainment channels. From astrology to comedy shows, from a show exclusively on cricket to a show dedicated to daily soaps; Indian news channels have them all. And after that, if anything then we have news not befitting to be shown on a news channel. We have shows on how aliens kidnap cows from earth, to how a cat was rescued from a building after hours being stuck in a narrow way. Serious and relevant news finds very small space and time. On the other hand, the western media has a monopoly and agenda behind their news. Their biased coverage is an open secret. Indian media, however, is comparatively unbiased. Yet, the news channels are partners of hacking our ethics.

Another nuisance are corrupt cartoons. Even they are promoting Shirk and Kufr among children, which is even more dangerous. They are promoting violence and stubbornness among children. Children are made to believe in supernatural beings and powers and made to believe in fantasies and fictions.

Shirk and Kufr is being promoted via TV shows, movies, songs, news channels, cartoons etc. They promote things and values alien to Islam or detested for Muslims. They make look the life of this world as ultimate and cause you to forget Hereafter. They promote obscenity and nudity in the name of glamour and fame. They portray secular and unIslamic values and ideas as perfect and mock the Law of Allaah. They promote their version of ‘humanitarian’ values and run-down Islam and its tenets. Alcoholism, nudity, music and dancing, delaying marriages and having affairs and many many such things are all made to appear glossy and something very important in life without which one is a fool.

O Mulims, beware of this trap! Keep your Akhira in front of you and not your TV sets. Do not let these things corrupt your Eeman and Aqeedah. Do not waste your time after these senseless and insane things, which will in turn bring you no good what-so-ever. Remember you would be asked how you spent your time.

Islam is not against entertainment, only condition is that is should be Halaal; which in itself is another topic. It should be constructive and productive. May be we can discuss it some other time inshaAllaah. I have tried to keep this article as short as possible. I have just touched upon few things, may be you can add and share your views in the comments inshaAllaah. May Allaah save us from these Fitan and help us use our time wisely and bestow on us the correct understanding of His Deen.. Aameen..

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