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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Creation is a proof of the Creator!

Creation or created things essentially defines the existence of a Creator. Everything around us is created and primarily points out to a creator. A created thing cannot come into existence on its own. No thing is created, except that it has a creator. For example, a building; have you ever heard anyone say that there used to be a vacant plot and one day bags of cement came and it mixed and there was steel and on their own they formed a building or a tower? Or say a mobile phone or glass, does anyone say that silica and other components came and they mixed and there was this perfect temperature and pressure required to make it, and bingo, it was made on its own. It is not so! Even if someone comes up to say he witnessed any such bizarre event, then again the silica and oil are created elements.
The complexity, design and variations in creation compel us to admire the creator. A trendy car makes us admire its design and thus give the due credit to its designer, a latest gadget makes us wonder at the technology and hence admire its inventor and designer. Even though we may not know who exactly is the inventor or designer, but yet we appreciate the ‘creation’ and the ‘creator’. Then how about our universe and all that what is around us? How about the One Who created all these and us?
We see around us numerous various beings and new being discovered regularly. We have around us the humans, animals, birds, aquatic beings. Each having different characteristics. Among humans we have so much of variation. An Arab differs from an American, a Chinese differs from a British, an African differs from Japanese, an Australian differs from a Latin American and so on. In India, a north Indian differs from a south Indian, one from west India differs one from east. We humans differ with respect to our physical make-up, our psychology etc. We think differently and have different skills. We have different conditions to live in, we speak different languages having different dialects.
Among animals and birds we have so many different types. An elephant is not like an ant, a lion is not like a giraffe, a cow is not like a kangaroo and so on. An eagle is not like a pigeon, a sparrow is not like an owl, a crow is not like a bat and so on. Among them also, we find various species and breeds with distinct features and characteristics, for example let us see the cat family; we have cat, lion, tiger, leopards, puma, panther, jaguar, lynx and others. Among them also we have different breeds and types with varying features like a Bengal tiger varies with a Siberian tiger or a white tiger with a golden tabby and so on. Likewise, in birds we have various different types, for example we have different types of parrots like macaws, conures, cockatoos, parakeets etc. We have the white and black pigeons; we have the house sparrows, song sparrows, the dark-eyed juncos or the snowbirds and so on.
We can go on and on and on listing different animals and birds and the varieties found in them. Their complex built-up and the appropriate conditions that they live in makes us wonder about their creation. For example, the structure and built-up of a camel is suited for it to be in the arid and hostile conditions of deserts. A place where others may even die due to scarcity of water, camels can survive for months without water. The cold conditions of Antarctic, is not meant for the ‘ship of the desert’ nor is the desert area, in general, friendly for the penguins.
In the same way we can go on with the aquatic life or with the amphibians. The fishes, crocodiles, tortoises, octopuses, prawns, crabs, seahorses etc. Further, we have the whales, sharks, dolphins, tuna and others. Then we have salt water fishes and the sweet water fishes. We have the alligators and the crocodiles. We have the very many types of frogs and many other creatures. Further, we have various types of reptiles. We have the lizards with nearly 3800 species. We have various types of snakes, both venomous and non-venomous.
Going further, we have so many different types of fruits. We have the mangoes, the apples, the grapes, the oranges, the watermelons etc. Each with different colours, sizes and shapes. As such they all taste sweet, yet each has a different taste! Likewise, we have numerous types of flowers; we have the rose, the lotus, the lily, the sunflower, the daffodil etc. They too vary in colour, size and shape. As such they all smell nice and good, yet they have different fragrance and odor!
Further all of the above are in pairs – male and female. So the characteristics are further divided and classified! Did all these came into existence on their own, with so many variations and the perfect design?
We see different types of trees around us. Different trees have different peculiarities, most have branches, few have thorns, some have aerial roots and so on. Some are tall, while others short. Some have broad leaves, some have narrow. Further, we have bushes and grass.
Our earth, that we live on, how perfectly is it made and placed! Had it not been geo-spherical and say if it was flat, we would have had sudden day-night transition. The gravitational force, had it been a little more or less, how difficult would that have been for us to move around. The distance of earth from the sun is so perfect for life to exist, just see Mercury or Pluto to understand it! The speed with which the earth rotates and revolves, do we even feel it? Then we have different types of soil and sand on earth that we live on; different colours, different properties. Some are barren, while others are fertile for vegetation. The mountains, had they not been there, the earth would have shaken since the mountains give earth stability.
Clouds! Another creation to marvel at. How they bring water and pour down as rains! Water, such an important element for any living thing. No taste, no colour yet the best thirst quencher! With all the colas and drinks which we human have developed, we could not make something to the likes of water!
Our own make-up is a different subject of discussion altogether. How perfectly are we made! Our eyes, our nose, our ears, our hands, everything just so perfect. How difficult would it have been, if our eyes would have been on the other side of our skull? Or we did not have our knee joints, would we ever sit? Or our thumb, had it not been there or had it been not the way it is; would we ever hold anything properly? How perfectly are our eyebrows made and assigned the duty to prevent sweat or water, and other debris, from falling down into the eye socket. Then the emotions and feelings that we have. Our expression and communications. Our learning and progressing.
One can go on and on listing the various creations that we see around us. Pondering and discussing about all of them is literally impossible. But, surely one needs to reflect upon these perfectly created beings, the intelligent design and varieties. Who Created these countless unique beings, these numerous things with such perfect order and harmony, such complex designs and various types?
"Is it you who create it, or are We the Creators?" [al-Qur’an (56:59)]
There has to be someone beyond human limits, an All-Powerful and Majestic Fashioner. All these are meanings of the attributes to the One Who created everything that is created, Allaah!
"Allaah is Creator of everything, and He is the Guardian over everything." [al-Qur'an (39:62)]
"Surely, your Lord is the Creator of all, the All-Knowing." [al-Qur'an (15:86)]
"He is Allaah, the Creator, the Evolver, the Bestower of Forms (or Colours)." [al-Qur'an 59:24)]

The creation is a proof of the Creator! Just as we see a painting and know for sure that there has to be a painter who painted it, seeing a pot we understand that a potter made it, so also every thing around us point to the Maker or Creator Who created them. Reflect upon the creations around yourself and realize the One Who Created them, the One All-Encompassing Creator!
"Such is Allaah, your Lord. There is no God save Him, the Creator of all things, so worship Him. And He taketh care of all things." [al-Qur'an (6:102)]
"O mankind, remember Allaah‘s blessing upon you. Is there any creator other than Allaah who gives you provision from the sky and the earth? There is no god but He how then are you deluded away from the Truth?" [al-Qur'an (35:3)]

Turn to Him! Leave the worship of all created things, and accept and worship the Creator of all!
"Indeed, I have turned my face toward He who created the heavens and the earth, inclining toward truth, and I am not of those who associate others with Allaah!" [al-Qur'an (6:79)]


Firdaus Fathima said...

Superb article!

I would better rename it "Fabi'ayyi 'Alaa'i Rabbikuma Tukadhdhibaan" :)

Farhan Kazi said...

jazaakAllaah khayr..

yea you can name this article that as well :)

i have a poem (not yet published on the blog) with that Aayah as the 'theme'; naming this article 'that' never crossed my mind.. :)

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